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VPN Services

Provida IT’s alliance partner, Amcom, provides our clients with secure, reliable and cost effective private networks.

Unlike most public Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, Amcom VPN is private and does not rely on the Internet as the supporting network so you can securely connect your offices virtually anywhere in Australia. With low setup costs and dedicated bandwidth, Amcom VPN delivers all the benefits of a private network in one cost-effective and reliable solution.

The Amcom VPN link allows you to connect offices almost anywhere in Australia. Amcom’s private and secure network allows you to run applications that may be sensitive to network delays and congestion with confidence and allows you to add new premises without a large outlay for equipment or maintenance costs.


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Virtual Private Networks

Cost effective

  • Low set up costs
  • Minimal ongoing investment
  • No costly equipment
  • Unlimited traffic between your sites

Scalable bandwidth

  • Scalable dedicated bandwidth availability to suit business needs
  • 2Mbps to 1Gbps (Ethernet)
  • Options for xDSL

Secure and easy to manage

  • Unlike most public VPN solutions, your data is confined within your own private network
  • MPLS Layer 3 private network
  • No requirement to configure IPSEC
  • PPoE authentication model
  • Simple web portal management
  • No complex configuration
  • Managed Router option available