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Who do you call when your network fails?

You know that feeling, you get a call from a user who can’t log in, or even worse, a user that just lost all of their work. Your IT investment is now integral to your business – productivity slows down when the network is down and your staff begin to get disgruntled.

Fast, professional Business IT Support is your only option.

You need someone who is reliable, who has the skills and experience to fix it quickly and minimise the disruption to your business.

"If you have a good IT Services plan you don’t need maintenance…"

Not true, once your IT investment has been installed, constant maintenance is required to ensure that it is running at optimum performance and that as your business grows, the network is changed to accommodate the new requirements. If maintenance is not carefully managed the installation, upgrading and maintenance costs can be frightening.

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Making Information Technology work for businesses and providing challenging solutions requires a great understanding of technology and it’s capability, creative minds, mature business skill and the ability to get things done. Not that common ….. but then maybe you haven’t spoken to Provida IT.

Skills and experience …a perfect blend

To provide the best IT solutions for a wide range of clients, Provida IT has invested in building skills to ensure the company remains at the leading edge of technology and can provide the best customer service.

Pre Paid Network Support

Provida IT Pre-Paid Network Support contracts are based on a system of pre-paid hours. As they are pre-paid, Provida IT offers you a 16% discount off our normal rate. Hours can be purchased in blocks of 15 or more. At any time you can increase or top up the number of support hours making sure that you have control of your support investment

Priority Service

As a Provida IT prepaid client, your problems will be given a priority and you will receive a monthly report outlining the number of hours used and type of support that has been provided.

Response Times

Four hour response time, Mon to Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Business Critical Response Times

Two hour response time, 24 hour x 7 days.

Support Call

Logging a support call couldn’t be easier. Simply call our dedicated customer Helpdesk on 08 6364 0600. This gives you a single point of contact for all problems or queries.

Other Services

Use your Pre-paid Network Support hours for:

  • Remote fault diagnosis and administration
  • Hardware and software fault resolution
  • System upgrades / Service patches 
  • Virus elimination and protection

Getting Started

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