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Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server has traditionally been used by very large corporations to increase productivity and communications.

Small businesses, on the other hand, stand to gain from its use, but have not been able to afford setting it up and maintaining it. It is the dominant product in the market of e-mail and collaboration software.

Because e-mails, files, contacts, and calendars have become crucial to the day-to-day operation of all businesses, the employees today want to be able to access them from anywhere and anytime. Large corporations enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Exchange, but SMBs have neither the infrastructure nor capital to give their employees mobile, secure and reliable communication.

With Exchange 2010, team collaboration is easier than ever.

Effortless sharing of documents, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes saves you time and money. At the office, on your BlackBerry or iPhone, or via Outlook Web App, Provida IT's hosted Exchange brings you the connectivity you need to reach new heights of productivity.

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Reduced Cost

There are significant upfront and ongoing costs to implement an in-house mail server such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Provida IT, a leading provider of Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 has already invested in the required infrastructure and achieved economies of scale. A simple return on investment analysis shows that Microsoft Exchange from Provida IT offers significantly lower costs than an in-house server.

Highly Convenient

Provida IT’s Microsoft Exchange hosting Plans offer the convenience of a pay-as-you-go model with month to month billing, minimal setup fee and no long term contracts. You have choices of plans with storage space options for mail boxes, and you may modify plans anytime.

You have the option to keep your existing domain provider or purchase a new domain from Provida IT.

Whether you are moving from an in-house Exchange or Lotus Notes mail server, an existing Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, or upgrading from POP3 or IMAP accounts, Provida IT’s experienced team is available to help you in migrating to our hosted Exchange platform.

High Availability & Reliability

In today's business, instant availability to e-mail and contacts is priceless. It is not uncommon for employees or IT staff to forget to backup their data. The penalties for such actions can be heavy. Provida IT has the reliable infrastructure, support, and best practices that make sure that your data is safe and available all the time from multiple locations, browsers, and e-mail software.

We know that any minute of downtime means lost dollars. This is why we have built a highly reliable infrastructure in which all components are redundant to ensure maximum availability of service.