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Domain and DNS Hosting

Provida IT can provide DNS hosting for your company domain.

What is DNS?

DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name Service.

In simple terms, DNS is what translates a URL to an IP address. DNS determines where email is delivered, what website is displayed and where web traffic is directed.

What is DNS hosting?

If you have registered a domain name somewhere, they have a DNS entry for your domain name to point it to an IP address. If you have your web hosting somewhere else, you need to point your domain name at the IP address of your web hosting; otherwise no one could visit your website by browsing to your domain name.

What is a Host Name?

A host name is used to make internet addresses easy to remember for people. Whilst computers understand IP addresses, people tend not to and this is why hostnames were created, so a name can be associated with a number. For example, the IP address translates to - much easier to remember than a string of numbers!

How does DNS work?

Domain Name Service (DNS) is used to point a domain name to its IP Address, which is the physical location of a website. Each domain name has a zone in DNS that contains records. The records point each form of the domain name to its corresponding host name or IP address.

For example:

DNS Zone:
Record: www >
Record: > 202.131.191.XXX
Record: mail >

The DNS zones are stored on a name server.

What is a Name Server?

Name Servers act like traffic lights of the internet. Name Servers keep the records of all web and email information when you have a hosting plan with a company like Provida IT.

To connect your domain name to your active email and / or website you will need to point or delegate it to a set of name servers.

When you delegate your domain name to Name Servers there will always be at least two, a primary and secondary. This allows for redundancy should one of the servers go down for some reason. An example of Provida IT’s name servers is:


How does a Name Server work?

When a domain name is entered into a Web browser, a name server looks through its records for that domain name and then points the browser to the server that contains the requested website.

DNS hosting is critical to domain-based services for your business, ask us today.