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Disaster Recovery

IT Disaster Recovery

It’s only a disaster if you don’t recover.

Business managers understand the importance of their business data. What many don’t realise is that while the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, the majority of data loss is the result of small localised problems like power issues and “human error”.

Would your business survive after a major equipment failure caused by fire, flood, lightning hit or equipment theft? What about malicious data destruction by a disgruntled employee or contractor?

With rapid advancements in technology, organisations are placing more dependency on networks, applications and data availability. A crucial facet of IT strategy is Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) planning, though many businesses overlook this vital piece of the IT puzzle.

How quickly your business gets back to normal operations is dependent on how well the recovery is planned. Everyone wants to get back to business as quickly, inexpensively and smoothly as possible. Many of us have experienced the numbing inaction that can come as the result of a major trauma. A well prepared disaster recovery plan removes the need to “think” in these situations because all the thinking has been done well before the event.

Disaster Recovery Planning is the factor that makes the critical difference between the organisations that can successfully manage crises with minimal cost and effort and maximum speed, and those that are left picking up the pieces for untold lengths of time and at whatever cost providers decide to charge; organizations forced to make decision out of desperation.

Do not leave your Disaster Recovery Plan for when “things are quieter” or “there is more time”. Disaster can strike at any time and you need to be prepared.

A data protection solution must succeed across three dimensions in order to meet the needs of businesses:

Comprehensive – It must address all facets of data protection – human errors, hardware or software failures, and disasters such as theft, fire, flooding, etc.

Convenience – It must be set-and-forget. Businesses are strapped for resources, so any solution that requires constant care will not be effective.

Cost-effective – It must fit within the budget. Businesses have a very limited budget for IT overall and data protection is only one part of an IT budget. Any solution needs to have a cost that doesn’t change dramatically month to month –particularly with ever-increasing amounts of data.

The cost to your business - tangible and intangible

There are many questions to ask around Disaster Recovery Planning, but most importantly you need to set acceptable limits on the following factors...

  • What is the cost to your business if it cannot operate?
  • How long would it take to become operational again?
  • What is the priority of recovery for different elements in the IT Infrastructure?
  • What does the business need to get back up and running again?

By ascertaining the answer to these questions, Provida IT works in collaboration with you to define key facets of the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). 

In-House Disaster Recovery

The most likely disaster scenario could be a user accidently deleting files, server hard disk failure or complete server failure. Provida IT has a cost effective solution that will facilitate restoration of files within minutes as opposed to hours, days or weeks.

The DataKeeper appliance is installed on the customer’s network. Software is installed on the server and configured to take regular snapshots of the server operating system and data. The regularity is dependent upon the amount of storage required to host the snapshots and it is possible to take server snapshots every 15 minutes.

Deleted files the files can be restored in less than a minute. Should the server fail completely the snapshots can be installed on a new server (even completely different hardware) in less than an hour, allowing your company to continue working with little disruption to staff.

Use DataKeeper in-house backup to protect and deliver near instant disaster recovery of your data, databases and operating systems between 8 am to 6 pm. Then backup your servers with DataKeeper Online Backup at night. Benefits: Delivers two levels of protection & recovery of your data and a retention period of choice for deleted data.


DataKeeper Online Backup

Data Centre Disaster Recovery

The best way to ensure a fast recovery is to have replacement equipment standing by at an offsite location with the necessary software and configuration to quickly transfer users and data.

The best practice includes a remote data centre with servers, storage, networking equipment and internet access. Restoring to this remote data centre from backup tapes will likely take too long, assumes that the tapes were not affected by the original problem and still leaves the risk of only recovering old data.

Doesn’t it make sense to replicate your backups offsite to a secure Data Centre for offsite archival and remote disaster recovery…… for a fraction of traditional costs? Server images can be replicated every 15 minutes to minimise data loss and reduce the amount of data being replicated.

Provida IT can provision, configure and host a Disaster Recovery server for your company. The server is configured with a virtual Terminal Server and virtual servers for each of your company’s physical servers. In the event of a Disaster being declared the most recent snapshots are restored to the virtual servers and users can log into the Terminal Server and work as they used to prior to the disaster.

The Disaster Recovery solution comes complete with documentation and regular testing.

Business Continuity in a matter of hours not days or weeks!!

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